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About us

At TORCAI, we are a bunch of Data Scientists & Marketers, who bring in on ground experience of managing large audiences & media pool. Our goal is to help brands plug budget wastages, when every dollar spent can be optimized to deliver better value. Every day, we worry about audience & media targeting principles, in-depth understanding of campaign performance. This goal is guiding us to deliver a tool that will sniff campaign seismic movements long before it begins to hurt the marketing goals.

We pioneer in deriving insights and inferences from the consumer behaviour. Consumer behaviour can be sourced from games, applications, CRMs, Signal data, DPI and/or cookie drops/tracks. We not only create inferences on scale but also enable the data to be used for various online and offline business models.

If your answer to one of the below question is “Yes”, then we should talk !

    1. Do you have a large user base somewhere in your business model and are you looking to monetize the data ?
    2. Do you require to enhance your marketing performance by introducing or enhancing the audience quality?
    3. Do you wish to explore and/or scale your Programmatic marketing arm?


The rise of big data has ushered a whole new era for marketers and advertisers—the era of data driven consumer insights and marketing. TORC AI goal is to empower marketing community with Artificial intelligence led algorithm tools and insights that boost audience interactions across media while sharply cutting down on ROI leakages.


    Technology Stack for real-time forecasting of campaign performance


    If your campaign did not work, you perhaps missed its epicenter.


    This helps you plus ROI leakages

How can TORC assist your business?

  • Online Reporting

    We use advanced ML and AI techniques to profile, prune and derive insights at scale.

  • Financial Forecasting

    We used Big Data and API stack to enable the movement of data scale through various marketing platforms.

  • Strategic Planning

    We work with composite BI-Dashboards to give in-depth understand of marketing KPIs.

Solutions-Audience Platform


Typically, you are collecting customer information like email ID via offline customer interactions. There are many use cases of how your Online marketing campaigns can get a shot in the arm using our On-boarding services that help you match the offline and online audience data.


Spray and Prey is history. Creating audience persona and finding them wherever they are on the online an important element of a campaign success. We at Torc AI help you build look alike Persona using various data cuts and improve your performance in every perspective.

Data Play

Today campaign management will be all about real time Data Crunching. If you miss an important lever, it will generate negative ROI. A data science led interactive dashboard can help you navigate multiple DSPs, DMPs at once - on click of a button and also predict campaign performance before you think of spending your treasure.


Data Monetization Services

• Data is invariably invaluable. We are capable to mix and merge multiple online and offline data sources to provide a complex and composite user profile that can be used by online and offline marketers.
• We enable the user data to connect with Digital Marketing ecosystem for consumer targeting resulting in brand uplift and performance marketing
• This service is typically targeting for publishers, advertisers, Telcos, ISP, offline and online business who are sitting on a rock pile of data.
• Our DMP enables us to use the composite profile for programmatic targeting and marketing research



Managed Services

• We help advertisers to derive best possible RIO for the given campaign. We achieve this by combining Audience, Inventory, Campaign and Region perspective to help deliver the marketing focus on the most relevant audience and inventory from the campaign perspective.
• We enable Advertisers to achieve the consistent results and scale from the Programmatic eco system.
• We can able enable BTL marketer to use the audience profile in contract with the geo targeting to achieve better ROIs.


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