In our analytics paradigm, we constantly work on optimizing our algorithms with set KPIs. This helps us to constantly improve our libraries and methodologies. TorcAI's platform Frameworks and applications help you build capabilities that automate insight generation, path recommendation, developing  Product construct.

analytics products
media yield optimization

entails one primary goal to isolate the media that is most relevant for the given KPI in the shortest time frame. Advertisers and Publishers look at this from different end of the stick.

audience insights

Designing a campaign, content, creative, product, etc. and continuously improving its relevance requires a deeper understanding of the target group. Audience Insights provides an optic into the deep space of audience and enables to objectify the relevance.

RTB analytics

encompasses multiple algorithms to run simulations of buy process. This helps identify the leakages, outliers, optimization scope, etc. These learnings are further used to optimize buying mechanism leading to improved ROI.

customer life cycle

combines customer prospecting, customer acquisition, customer engagement and finally churn management. This analysis provides deeper insights into the consumer journey. Once mapped it enables business and tech teams to take corrective and proactive measures to optimize.

user privacy ( GDPR )

is getting regulated globally. AdTech and MarTech ecosystems need to comply with such regulations without fail. Our User Data Regulatory Adoption & Management Framework guides controllers and processors to ease out this journey.

consent gateway

allows you to manage user consent across various internal & external stakeholders in the value chain.

tde - torc data exchange
An Open platform that helps businesses develop intelligence and IP inhouse thus creating assets beyond analytics. This platform is capable of deep integration for businesses to take advantage of transparent, brand safe, authentic first party data transacted on the exchange. TorcAI is building the Torc Data Exchange as the only P-2-P data exchange for buy and sell of data by Publishers, Brands and Data Owners. In its alpha stage the exchange is currently catering to Indian region businesses and working on a global launch.
We would like to invite Publishers, Brands and Data Owners to experience this and join the program. Do drop us your questions and interest on and we would be happy to answer those.