Programmatic is a very simple concept with a very complex ecosystem. We have broken down the programmatic ecosystem into components such as Bidder, BI, RTB Analytics, Server Side Header Bidding, Private Exchange, etc. This helps the ecosystem players to gain access to an otherwise complex tech and build & execute their own strategy at their own pace. Transparency, Fraud, Viewability, Reach are bottlenecks for Advertisers in general, TorcAI's AI library not only addresses this issues but helps businesses leap frog in a competing market.

programmatic products
Programmatic In-Housing

With media buying, media selling, audience management etc. becoming highly technical and ecosystemattracting bigger budgets on YoY basis players are deciding to get the relevant tech stack in-house. This helps the publishers and advertisers build internal intelligence & skills to sustain the ever growing complexities.

Programmatic Business Intelligence

is an advanced set of dashboards that encapsulates business & operation level reports across all programmatic channels. These reports enable business and tech teams to get a holistic sense of business position and operational details.

RTB Analytics

encompasses multiple algorithms to run simulations of buy process. This helps identify the leakages, outliers, optimization scope, etc. These learnings are further used to optimize buying mechanism leading to improved ROI.

Programmable Bidder

Bidder is the heart of every real time buy platform. Bidder entails AI and ML algorithm encapsulating buying logic. A Programmable Bidder goes a step further by allowing a pluggable algorithm on a per campaign basis. This allows multiple buying teams with advanced buying mechanisms to work independently.

Private Exchange

works as your owned RTB hub enabling you to directly talk with the programmatic demand world and take control of your monetisation.

Consent Gateway

allows you to manage user consent across various internal & external stakeholders in the value chain.

Server Side HeaderBidding

is one of the best ways to compete with DFP. SSHB allows publishers to optimize their yield with minimal efforts, bringing in best available bids for every impression.